What’s Wrong with Society?

Self Reflection Challenge Day 4

Prompt: What is wrong with society, and what would I fix if I was in charge?

People are what’s wrong with society.

The 1980’s, and its legacy of greed and vanity, have produced an American populace with misplaced values, apathy, and overwhelming selfishness. Social media platforms have only polished the mirror of self-absorption. These observations are quite obvious to most, or at least to those capable of reflective consideration. But the real question still remains: how do we use these observations to fix society?

Some would turn immediately to the government. Society would undoubtedly be better off if the government paid better care to those struggling the most. Crime would go down. Violence would go down. Health and fitness would go up.

But this solution ignores a harsh reality: our government is elected by the American people. And tragically, most Americans simply do not care about other people.

Liberals care about people in the abstract. But must on the left, particularly in urban areas, ignore the suffering all around them. Sure they may contribute money to a progressive campaign or share a post about whatever Twitter is mad about this week. Come election time, some may even volunteer at phone banks.

But how many of them make any true sacrifice to help the needy? Every day, millions of homeless Americans are ignored by city-goers awkwardly finding any reason to avoid eye contact.

Conservatives are no better. Though much more likely to help out a downtrodden neighbor, most conservatives simply don’t give an ounce of hog shit about people who don’t look and think like they do. Immigrants are a drain on the economy, not fellow humans in need. Muslims are anti-Christian terrorists rather than brothers and sisters in faith. Minorities are just getting what’s coming to them.

America, it seems, needs a reckoning. And in my opinion, that will only come if those who actually do care stand up and make their voices heard. Run for office. Write articles or make videos. Have difficult conversations. Share your love, your kindness, and your spirit. And encourage your neighbor to do so too. We must each take ownership of the world we live in. Until we do, society will continue to suffer.

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